As the global community gets ready to come together to mark Earth Hour on 23rd March, it’s time to reflect on how we can all come together in support of our planet, not just for the hour but as a lasting commitment to take action to make things better for nature and put the brakes on climate change. Earth Hour is an environmental movement that seeks to draw attention to the plight of planet Earth by encouraging as many people as possible, in countries all across the world, to switch off the power for one hour at 20.30 local time, resulting in a spectacular visual display as a wave of darkness travels the planet. It’s not just about saving energy for one hour though, it’s about everyone taking responsibility to make a conscious effort to reduce their ecological footprint for the future of our planet and all its inhabitants.

Here at Kudadoo we place great importance on caring for the environment, it’s part of our core values and sustainability runs like a thread through all aspects of our eco-friendly resort. We harness the plentiful supply of the sun’s rays with solar cells to power the entire resort, we convert abundant sea water into fresh drinking water (a scarce resource in the Maldives) and our residents enjoy learning about the incredible marine life and spending time in the ocean with them in a responsible way, accompanied by our marine biologists. Our resort is built from sustainable materials and that foundation has given rise to the magnificent eco-friendly luxury escapes that can be yours to enjoy.

This Earth Hour, switch off the lights, put your phone on do not disturb and join us in making a toast to Planet Earth. Those of you who will be with us in residence at Kudadoo can celebrate with a special BBQ dinner on the poolside of the Retreat Bar.