Kudadoo Private Island, a luxury, eco-friendly retreat in the heart of the stunning Maldives’ islands offers an exquisite, guilt-free, paradise for the discerning traveller. Designed by architect Yuji Yamazaki, Kudadoo provides a fabulously modern take on traditional luxury escapism with thought for the environment and sustainability at the heart of every aspect of the island.

It is our belief that good design should not only showcase beauty, elegance and functionality but also that it should be sustainable and promote nature and our environment rather than oppose it. That is why throughout Kudadoo you will find eco-friendly, sustainable and elegant design at every turn. A minimalistic approach, with natural materials, helps to provide Kudadoo with its unique aesthetic feel and charisma.

Across the island, sustainably sourced cedar wood is widely used, forming the primary material for the exteriors of Kudadoo’s buildings, many of which have been shaped to allow a natural breeze to flow, providing cool interiors, ideal for escaping the hot midday sun.

The interiors are just as impressive, with coconut, bamboo and palm, all from sustainable sources providing a warm natural feel to both communal areas and the private residences on the island.

The Retreat, itself built in harmony with Kudadoo’s reef, acts as the heart of the island, but this structure not only looks stylish and houses many of our facilities, but the unique roof design provides energy and captures rainwater helping make Kudadoo one of the only fully sustainable resorts in the Maldives, allowing you to have a guilt-free holiday.