Kudadoo Maldives Private Island by Hurawalhi is a resort where luxury and sustainability flow together, where eco-friendly meets bespoke magnificence and where you can embark upon the escape of your dreams while treading lightly on the environment.

Designed with nature in mind, the natural environment is at the very heart of everything at Kudadoo. From the thriving coral reef ecosystem upon which the islands are formed to the pristine sandy beaches, everything about Kudadoo is beautiful but, we are very conscious that it’s fragile too and we have a duty to protect it for future generations. From the very start of the design process, sustainability has been a key concept for the resort, its structures were built using sustainably sourced materials and intergrated atop is Kudadoo’s environmental heart – an impressive array of solar panels, providing enough power for the entire resort. The carbon dioxide emission saved so far (since December 2018) has been the equivalent of planting 706 trees!

While in residence at Kudadoo you will sip delicious cocktails using bamboo straws, dine on exquisite feasts of locally caught fish and seafood, and quench your thirst with locally desalinated water – ice cold and poured from glass bottles; even pampering on the island is eco-friendly with Healing Earth natural products in all bathrooms.

Take a glimpse beneath the surface of the waters around Kudadoo and not only will you see an abundance of fish but maybe even a manta or turtle too. Worldwide, mantas are listed as a vulnerable species and turtles are endangered; we work in partnership with both Manta Trust and The Olive Ridley Project in researching and conserving these incredible creatures that call the Indian Ocean home. By reducing and eliminating single-use plastics together we can help protect one of the Maldives’ greatest treasures – the ocean.