Lagoon breakfast Kudadoo Maldives

Thanks to Kudadoo’s essence that revolves around making anything under the moon available to you, you can consider every day of your stay here celebratory. What makes our private island stand out is the personalisation that has already reinvented the Maldives’ all-inclusive and it will continue to do so this coming festive season.

No matter which holidays you observe, Kudadoo is a private island where your private butler can help you curate your ideal itinerary. From big game fishing and parasailing to picnics on a desolate sandbank and dining amidst the island’s lush vegetation, your days on this tropical piece of paradise can be completely suited to your preferences. The all-encompassing Anything. Anytime. Anywhere. concept takes away the hassle often associated with festive season arrangements; here, your residence butler together with your personal chef can create moments of magnificence for you and your party exactly as you wish: be it an intimate dinner with the family on the deck of your residence, ringing in the New Year on a private yacht or joining fellow guests for a bottle from the owner’s luxury wine cellar at at The Retreat, there really aren’t any rules at Kudadoo, just suggestions on how to spend the merriest time of the year – the details are up to you!