Kudadoo Maldives Pool

Already a few weeks into the new year and chances are, good intentions of ambitious New Year’s resolutions have fallen by the wayside – a familiar scenario that befalls many who start out the year so well. Don’t be too hard on yourself, you’re definitely not alone and perhaps those goals just weren’t meant for you!

To give your ‘new you’ a huge boost, come and join us at Kudadoo Maldives Private Island and let us know what your goals are; your private butler will work their magic to incorporate your new regime into your days and by the time you leave you’ll have some brand new habits to take with you. Your days spent in paradise can include yoga, personalised workout sessions and escapes to Sulhu Spa for indulgent treatments and beauty regimes. You can eat well with our fresh, healthy options including lots of plant-based meals, sprinkled with super foods. It’s not all about the body though, there are plenty of things here that will make the soul sing too – walking barefoot in the soft sand, feeling the sun on your body with the resultant boost of Vitamin D, and frequent dips in the sparkling ocean cannot fail to lift the spirit. Keep your brain active by learning and experiencing new things – maybe scuba diving with turtles or sharks, riding a jet-ski or mastering the fine art of balance on a stand up paddleboard. Making the most of the magnificent opportunities at Kudadoo is made carefree with the resort’s fully inclusive ‘Anything, Anytime, Anywhere‘ concept.

Whatever your goals for 2022 and beyond, a stay at Kudadoo is guaranteed to make you smile and the health benefits of simply smiling are immense, offering a mood boost, release of endorphins and reduction in blood pressure to name but a few and, when combined with everything else Kudadoo has to offer, you’re bound to leave feeling ready to take on the rest of the year!