Padel Tennis is the fastest growing racket sport in the world and we’re thrilled to be hosting coach Marcos Fernandez Bevan this festive season and into the Spring of 2022. The sport is fun, easy to pick up and suitable for all so if you will be staying with us in the next few months, take the opportunity of learning from a pro – you’ll love it and with the calories burned there’s even more excuse for enjoying the exquisite cuisine on offer, guilt free!

Before becoming a coach to some of the top players in the world, Marco trained with coach Carlos Pozzoni; one of the most renowned coaches in World Padel Tour (WPT) circuit and also with Maxi Gabriel, also a well-known player in the circuit. Marco will be offering technical lessons where our residents can learn some of the techniques needed for the game, focussing on the skills required for the most important shots of the game. If you’ve played before or simply want a game of padel with a pro, Marco will be pleased to play and offer tips along the way. Padel tennis coaching is complimentary as part of the exclusive AAA fully inclusive concept at Kudadoo, simply ask your private butler to arrange it for you.