Nestled amidst the manta hot spots of the Lhaviyani Atoll, Kudadoo Maldives Private Island by Hurawalhi is the perfect hideaway from which to embark upon private and exclusive excursions with mantas from November through to April. Manta season sees these iconic Maldives creatures frequent nearby cleaning stations at the start of the season before moving on to embark upon a feeding frenzy at the sandbank close to our island, creating incredible opportunities to spend time with these iconic creatures.

As a resident at Kudadoo you can enjoy as many magnificent adventures with mantas as you wish – simply let your private butler know that mantas are on your wish list and they will create an unforgettable itinerary with multiple bucket list wishes granted during your stay with us. Cruise across the atoll a short distance for a dive at a renowned manta cleaning station and watch as the gentle giants glide effortlessly down to get cleaned above the huge coral blocks, your dive butler will know the perfect spot for an incredible view without disturbing their natural behaviour.

Be joined by Hurawalhi’s resident marine biologist for insights into the life and conservation of these huge rays and see if you can help spot a previously unsighted individual, you may even get to name it if you do! Go on epic snorkelling adventures with your butler and see large numbers of mantas performing a ballet of huge somersaults and barrel rolls underwater as they funnel plankton into their wide mouths, and after enjoy an exquisite picnic on the secluded sandbank before heading back to celebrate your adventures by sipping champagne.

Days like this can be repeated as often as you desire, included in the island’s unique and all-encompassing ‘Anything, Anywhere, Anytime’ fully-inclusive concept.