Kudadoo Maldives Private Island enjoys an enviable location in Lhaviyani Atoll, within reach of the largest community of green sea turtles in the Maldives. If you’ve always dreamed of snorkelling or scuba diving with turtles, your private butler is on hand to make this a reality.

For spectacular encounters, embark upon a Turtle Tour adventure, where, after a short boat trip, you’ll jump into the turquoise waters next to Kuredu Caves, a reef on the outside of the atoll, which has an abundance of turtles. The reef provides ample resting places for the turtles and they can often be observed on the ledges of the many overhangs – especially by divers and those who free dive down under the water. The most spectacular view of all, and one which snorkellers can enjoy over and over again, is when the turtles glide up to the surface for a breath, so graceful and effortless and sometimes it’s impossible to know where to look as there can be turtles flying in all directions – the reef is also known as ‘Turtle Airport’ for this very reason.

Green Sea Turtles are classified as ‘Endangered’ throughout the world and hawksbill turtles are ‘critically endangered with a decreasing worldwide population, so we consider ourselves extremely lucky to have such large numbers of them so close by. To help us protect the turtles please keep your distance to prevent them feeling threatened and never chase or attempt to touch the turtles. We work closely with Olive Ridley Project who conduct research, monitor the turtle population and do all they can to protect them.