The month of June shines the focus on nature and the environment, both on land and underwater with two global awareness events: World Environment Day on 5th June and World Oceans Day on 8th June, and it’s a great time to pause and reflect on the beauty of nature that surrounds us. Here at Kudadoo Private Island we pride ourselves in being not only a luxury resort but a responsible one too, we place the environment at the very heart of what we do.

From the very start, Kudadoo’s concept has been to bring a sustainable luxury lifestyle to the Maldives, and placed high on the priorities were being environmentally friendly, sustainable and socially responsible towards local communities. A notable achievement has been the provision of energy, since the sun almost always shines in the Maldives, it made sense to harness its power, those rays we all love to bask under provide the resort with all the electricity needed to enable the luxury lifestyle our residents enjoy. You can find out more about how we tread lightly on the environment here.

The ocean is an all-encompassing part of our environment here in the Maldives, it’s the place where you will embark upon incredible adventures with manta rays, turtles, sharks and countless other marine creatures. There are fish in abundance, the water is clear, warm and interspersed with coral reefs and seagrass meadows full of biodiversity – the Maldives places various protections on the ocean and its inhabitants but not all areas of the planet are so fortunate. There are over 40 Marine Protected Areas in the Maldives including 4 in Lhaviyani Atoll within easy reach of Kudadoo, shark fishing has been banned for more than a decade, turtles and other species are protected and destructive fishing methods are illegal. Seeing the abundance of life here makes it hard to believe that the oceans are being depleted of fish which is a growing global concern. At Kudadoo we source all our fish locally where all fishermen use sustainable line and pole fishing methods – no nets or trawling and no risk of bycatch – this supports not only the environment but the local economy too.

During your stay with us, we invite you to connect with nature and experience the ocean at its very best while in residence at Kudadoo. Your butler can arrange bespoke adventures to get a true insight into the wonder of life in the ocean, the threats it faces and what can be done to help.