Biodiversity is the theme of World Environment Day for 2020 and at Kudadoo Maldives Private Island we are perfectly placed to celebrate – situated on a pristine island atop the coral reefs of the Maldives which are world-renowned for their abundance of marine life. Coral reefs are considered the most important marine ecosystems on the planet, supporting such huge biological diversity that they are often described as the ‘rainforests of the sea’. Snorkelling and scuba diving here is to experience the world from a whole new perspective – you will see the weird and wonderful, the colourful and the beautiful everywhere you look – majestic manta rays, playful dolphins, sleek sharks and huge shoals of kaleidoscopic fish. Your butler can arrange trips with our marine biologist so you not only see the sights of the Maldives’ incredible underwater world, but learn more about them too.

Simply being located amidst such beauty and enjoying the biodiversity is not enough, at Kudadoo we celebrate the natural world in all that we do by ensuring we are treading lightly on the environment and so helping to preserve it for future generations.