Retreat Kudadoo Maldives Private Island

The Retreat

Encompassing all hallmarks of luxury living

The Retreat, Kudadoo’s iconic two-storey architectural masterpiece, houses all the quintessential delights of high-end leisure. It is here that you can savour a sweeping choice of luxury indulgences and nourish your hedonistic soul. Located atop an aquamarine lagoon, the heart of the private island intertwines the residents’ socialising, dining and well-being needs with alluring natural surrounds that put one’s mind at ease in and of themselves.


Embracing the power of the sun

The Retreat’s graceful gently sloped roof grates the harsh Equatorial sunlight into a comfortable dappled glow underneath and, even more significantly, it generates sufficient electricity to serve fifty residents and one hundred staff occupying the resort at any time.

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